What to do in Boracay?


This is another continuation of my Visayas trip (see my Kalibo and Antique blog post) and finally the main dish My Boracay experience. Boracay is very famous for its white sand and night life that’s why we stayed there for 4 days to experience the best activities to do there.

So here’s 8 things you can do on Boracay:

  1. Stay at Fairways and Bluewater Newcost Hotel Boracay


The hotel is worth the price, they have there infinity pools, beach, golf course and party life. They have car services going to D’mall and all around the villa and fo a resonable price.


2. Island Hopping


We got our island hopping and water activities packages from ate Yhacy. We got it for Php 2000.00 only which includes island hopping with free lunch buffet, parasailing and the helmet diving.



We went to Puka beach, Magic Island, Crystal cove and to cliff diving sites.  You can also do snorkeling here but you should always bring your own snorkeling gear.

3. Parasailing


Parasailing, also known as parascending or parakiting, is a recreational kiting activity where a person is towed behind a vehicle (usually a boat) while attached to a specially designed canopy wing that reminds one of a parachute, known as a parasail wing. The manned kite’s moving anchor may be a car, truck, or boat.


3. Helmet Diving


Spend 30 minutes bonding with the fishes and sea creatures. You can breath and walk like your on land too.


4. Chill Under the Sun


Of course, what are beaches for? Swim, enjoy the sun and don’t ever forget to grab a mango shake beside the beach.

5. Shopping at D’mall

Out of clothes and stuff, No problem! D’Mall has all the things you need from food, clothes, groceries to Pasalubong!


7. Parawsailing 

The word paraw also parao is related to proa and may be used to denote a boat. It is used by the fishermen in the Philippines to fish and to sail but know it is used for island hopping or merely just to sail at the center of the sea and watch the sunset.


We were offered Php 250.00/ head for this activity.

8. Pubcrawl

And here’s to the #BestNightEver! This is the most thrilling and exciting part of all, the pubcrawl Boracay. I will do a separate post on this but will give you a brief description. It is a gathering where you will meet new friends from being strangers. You will go to 5 different bars to party. I met a lot of new friends here and will be the best memory I have on Boracay.


Never ever missed the chance to do this activities at Boracay. Will definitely go back! 🙂


Exploring Antique: Kawa Hot bath experience


Have you ever wonder how it feels to be cooked alive? Me, Yes! Haha IMG_0982

Kidding aside, Here’s the continuation post if my Visayas Trip were I posted my Kalibo tour last week. Antique is now famous of this Kawa hot bath experience in which you were set up on a large kawa with a lot of flowers and herbal plants bringing you the best hot spa experience.

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Perfect Travel Companion: Sony Alpha A5000

It’s summer time again this just means that beach hopping is mainstream again and having a good camera will help you treasure all your great memories. Have you heard of mirrorless cameras? They are cameras with the same quality as DSLR but more handy. It is called mirrorless since it does not have a movable mirror in the optical path. And I would like to intriduce to you the Sony Alpha A5000.

(Photo not mine)

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Calaguas: the pride of Camarines + Bagasbas beach


The Calaguas is located in the Philippine province of Camarines Norte. It includes the major islands of Tinaga Island and Guintinua Island, the minor Maculabo Island, as well as several other minor islands. It was a 9 hour land travel from Manila and 2 hours boat travel and then you will reach this paradise!!!

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